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Jayanth Acupuncture Clinic in Chennai – we are the Only Certified Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncturist in Chennai. We provides acupuncture treatment in Chennai which is based on the ancient Chinese belief that whenever there is blockage in the energy

Which flows in the body, there emerges diseases. These diseases can range from medical issues to the psychological issues like, emotional and mental issues. The issues such as diabetes ,depression , mood swings , asthma , shoulder pain , back pain , lower back pain , obesity , headache , neck pain , Fertility and Sexual issues of the male and female are treated without drug or medicine by the just insertion of fine needles .

The needles are inserted at the point on the energy channels. When the fine needles are inserted, the blockage in the energy flow is removed and natural healing system of the body is also stimulated at the same time. The insertion leads body to release certain hormone that cures the diseases.

The treatment is without any medicine or drugs and one can get relief from body pain or cold etc. within couple of sessions. Each session lasts up 30 -45 minutes or so and patients has to come for 7 sessions initially and 2/3 sessions per week

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Chennai Jayanth Acupuncture Clinic provides treatment for any diseases / disorders by Acupuncture In Chennai, Acupuncture is an Drugless Treatment and No more Side Effects. We are specialised in providing IVF IUI support acupuncture, migraine headaches, sciatica, asthma, backpain, arthritis treatments
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