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At Jayanth Acupuncture Clinic, We are honored to practice the powerful ancient medicine of acupuncture. We love being able to spend quality time with patients and to be effective in our treatments. We truly believe that when a patient and practitioner come together it’s a meeting between two experts. As the patient, you always know your body best. It’s our duty to be a respectful listeners and create the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs. Enabling the body to heal itself is our passion.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture views the mind and body as one energetic structure along with organ systems that work together to keep the body functioning. Acupuncture aims to treat the whole person, emotionally, physically and mentally, and to help a person gain and maintain optimal health. Acupuncture works with a person’s chi (“Qi”), which is considered a vital force or energy responsible for controlling the workings of the human mind and body. Qi flows through the body via channels, or pathways, which are called meridians. These meridians map directly onto the body’s lymph, circulatory and and nervous system. Imbalances in the flow of qi cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance.

To restore balance, acupuncture uses painless, hair-thin needles to stimulate and harness the body’s natural healing powers. The body responds to the stimuli by increasing blood circulation, releasing anti-inflammatory agents, endorphins, and natural painkillers, which in turn produces feelings of pain relief, calm, and relaxation. In other words, acupuncture encourages the body to create optimal conditions for healing and health.

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

Women’s Health: Infertility, Menstrual Problems, Endometriosis, PCOS, Pre- and Post-Natal Care, Menopausal Syndromes

Mental/Emotional: Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress

Respiratory: Common Cold, Bronchitis, Allergies, Asthma

Musculoskeletal: Back/Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Joint Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis

Neurological: Numbness, Headaches, Migraine, Strokes

Gastrointestinal: Diarrhea, Constipation, Irritable Bowel, Gastric Ulcers

Autoimmune Disorders: Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue

Other: Skin disorders, Ear/Nose/Throat, High Blood Pressure, Addictions, and side-effects from Cancer treatments

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Acupuncture Treatment For Back Pain in Chennai | Acupuncture Doctor

Now a days back pain is the most common pain for  majority of people, Back pain can affect people of any age, for various reasons. As people getting older, the chance of lower back pain will increases, due to factors of previous occupation or disk degeneration disease.

Low back pain can be linked to lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the discs and spine, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, pelvic internal organs and abdominal area, and also the skin around the lumbar area.

osteoporosis can also lead to back pain. Every human back is composed of a structured complex muscles, disks, tendons, ligaments and bones, which work together to support the body and make us to move around.The spine are cushioned with cartilage-like pads called disks.Problems with any of these parts can cause back pain. In some cases of back pain, it remains unclear. strain, medical conditions, and poor posture, among others an be the reason for damage.

Ruptured disks, Sciatica, Arthritis, Disc Bulge, Osteoporosis, Kidney problems, Abnormal curvature spine (like scoliosis), Sleep disorders, improper Movement / posture, excess weight / obesity may also reason for back pain.

Back Pain Treatment Includes, Cervical Problems, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis, Degenerative Disc, Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, L4 L5 Pain etc…

Acupuncture gives best solution for back pain, contact us @ +917708211515

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Acupuncture Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia in Chennai | Acupuncturist


Trigeminal Neuralgia also called “Tic Douloureux” and முக்கிளை நரம்பு வலி in Tamil. TN is a continuing pain condition that affects certain nerves in face. People who have this Trigeminal neuralgia, says the pain feel like an electric shock, and it can sometimes be extreme. Acupuncture treatment can help without any drugs / medicines.

People who have this condition, start imagining that they have abscesses in teeth and visit a dentist.

Women are more likely to affect trigeminal neuralgia than Man. its common for the people those who are more than 50 years, and it may be also due to Blood Pressure.

following things may cause trigeminal neuralgia pain, such as:

Touching face, Shaving, Washing face, Brushing teeth, Eating or Drinking (hot or cold), having wind or breeze, Talking or Smiling etc…

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Acupuncture Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Chennai

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (மணிக்கட்டு குகை நோய்) is called Median Nerve Injury or Compression, it causes numbness, tingling sensation, or weakness in your hand.

Its because of pressure on your median nerve, which runs the length of your arm, goes through a passage in your wrist called the carpal tunnel, and ends in your hand.


  • Tingling, Burning, itching, or numbness in your thumb and palm or your index finger and middle finger
  • Trouble in holding things and feel weakness in your hand
  • Feeling like Shock and that moves to fingers and Tingling moves up to your arm.
  • Numbness and tingling while wake up in the morning and it runs up to your shoulder. this symptom will flare up while holding anything like, your are reading a book or driving your car or motorcycle
  • Day by day you will lose your grip strength and also lose (shrink) your hand muscles and also you will have intolerable pain and muscle cramping.
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Best Acupuncture Treatment for Thyroid Problems In Chennai


Acupuncture is an effective method to help balance the levels thyroid hormones in the body. Research published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine revealed that regular acupuncture can improve thyroid hormone markers in those suffering from thyroid dysfunction. Also, acupuncture relieves anxiety and muscle tension, which are common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Chennai Jayanth Acupuncture Provides treatment for Hypo Thyroid and Hyper Thyroid Problems in Chennai by Experienced Acupuncturist.

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Fertility Acupuncture Treatment in Chennai


One in six couples struggle with becoming pregnant. Research has shown that Fertility Acupuncture increases your chances of conception. This is because acupuncture regulates both your hormones your menstrual cycle, promotes ovulation, and supports a healthy luteal phase for successful implantation.

We are committed to helping couples overcome challenges with conception. We take comprehensive approach to patient care integrating evidence-based protocols to increase your success. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of having a happy, healthy baby.

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Fertility Acupuncture Treatment in Chennai | Natural Fertility

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Acupuncture Treatment For Sinusitis in Chennai | Acupuncturist


Acupuncture Treatment For SINUSITIS in Chennai

☎️ +917708211515

Acute Sinusitis | Subacute Sinusitis | Chronic Sinusitis | Frontal Sinus | Sphenoid Sinus | Ethmoid sinus | Maxillary Sinus | Sinus Infection

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Acupuncture – Benefits and Conditions Treated

Acupuncture In Chennai

Emotional Well-Being

  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD).
  • Acupuncture can be beneficial to anyone experiencing: lack of focus or clarity, feelings of being overwhelmed or ungrounded, lack of motivation, hopelessness, fear, anger or irritability.
  • Medical Conditions
    Chronic Pain Disorders: muscular-skeletal (affecting the back, neck, jaw, knee and hip), migraine, headaches, carpel tunnel, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, whiplash.
  • Gynecological Disorders: amenorrhea (no period), dysmenorrhea (painful periods), irregular menstruation, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), infertility, menopausal symptoms.
  • Respiratory Disorders: allergies, asthma, common cold, sore throat, chronic cough.
  • Digestive Disorders/ Discomfort: constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis.
  • Skin Conditions: eczema, acne, rashes.
  • Adverse Reactions Following: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, childbirth, surgery, other trauma.
  • Other Conditions: chronic fatigue, immune deficiency disorders, endocrine disorders, high blood pressure, weight loss.

Orthopedic Conditions

  • Neck Pain/ Shoulder Pain: Rotator cuff problems, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, acromial-clavicular (AC) joint separation, bicep tendonitis, glenohumoral joint dysfunction, general tension in the neck and shoulder.
  • Elbow Pain/ Wrist Pain: Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s or climbers elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Back/ Hip Pain: Sciatic pain, sacral illiac (SI) joint disfunction, hip arthritis, trochanteric bursitis, sacrotuberus ligament sprain.
  • Upper Leg Pain: Strains related to the hamstring or quadricep groups.
  • Knee Pain: Ilio-tibial band syndrome, injury to MCL, degenerative arthritis, patella tendonitis, patella-femoral joint dysfunction.
  • Lower Leg Pain: Achilles tendonitis, achilles bursitis, anterior and medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints).
  • Heal Pain/ Foot Pain: Plantar fascitis, ankle sprains, pain of the MTP joint, metatarsal neuroma.
  • Post surgery recovery
    Most broken bones, ligament sprains and muscle strains. ​

General Health and Preventative Medicine

  • Acupuncture is a valuable preventative form of health care.
  • Receive it to improve general well-being, decrease stress, strengthen the immune system and to reduce or avoid the use of pharmaceutical medication*.
    *Upon the Advice of Your Physician

Acupuncture can be highly effective for other conditions, which have no clear origin or explanation. It can be helpful when other treatments have failed. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment and with most medications.

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Acupuncture Treatment For Fertility in Chennai | Natural Fertility


Acupuncture Treatment For Fertility in Chennai | Natural Fertility

We are honored to be the top Acupuncture clinic in Chennai | TamilNadu for fertility Treatment. and IUI IVF Support Fertility Acupuncture, No matter where you are on your fertility journey, we are here to meet you and your needs.

call us +917708211515

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Acupuncture Treatment | FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture Treatment in Chennai - Acupuncture Doctor

For all type of diseases including Mental, Emotional, and Physical disturbances, All difficult to treat problems, Chronic diseases, Pains and Psychosomatic problems can be treated by Acupuncture In Chennai, Acupuncture is an Drugless Treatment and No more Side Effects.

Acupuncture is a science based on Energy management technique. There is a constant interchange of energy between the exterior and interior of the body through energy pathways embedded in the skin. These pathways carry the energy of the individual organs and create a balance in a healthy individual. According to the Chinese philosophy any disturbance happening in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part of a person is due to functional disturbance of the internal organs. So whenever there is a disease which is a reflection of disturbance in the interior or exterior, the energy flow manipulation corrects the disturbance and brings in harmony in the energy levels which leads to restoration of health in a sick person.

Chennai Jayanth Acupuncture is The Best Acupuncture Clinic in Chennai, Who provides best in class treatment by Experienced and Certified Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncturist. and we are the only Certified Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncturist in South India | Tamil Nadu. Specialised in providing IVF Support Acupuncture, Fertility Acupuncture (Natural Fertility), Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment, Endometrium, Migraine headaches, Insomnia, Sciatica, Stress Relief, Insomnia, Asthma, Back pain, Knee pain (Arthritis), Frozen Shoulder treatments

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Acupuncture?

One of the oldest healing Sciences, documented treatments dating back to 5000 yrs.
According to a British researcher (1993) total number of people taken Acupuncture treatment so far is more than the number of people treated by all other treatment systems put together.
Safe with no side effects.
Cost effective with no expensive investigations or tests required.
No hospitalisation and requires only outpatient treatment facility.

Acupuncture Needles Sizes
Does it hurt or is it painful?

Unlike the Intramuscular injections no medicine is involved to create pain. Needles are Hair thin & only 1/4 – 1/10 the thickness of Intramuscular needles and so very minimal discomfort.


Any Electrical stimulation or other methods involved?

Sometimes Yes. Some Acupuncturist use electrical stimulation to the inserted needles for some pain condition. Otherwise generally electrical stimulation is not required.

There is a Heating Herb treatment called Moxibution where a cigar like roll is lighted and used for heating some specific Acupuncture points which gives excellent results.

Sometimes a technique called “Cupping” is used where on specific areas of the body a cup made of glass/ plastic/ wood is attached by creating a vacuum inside using candle fire which produce a suction feeling over the skin.

Myths about Acupuncture

There are a lot of misconceptions about acupuncture, but the truth is that this practice has been around for more than 3,500 years and provides relief to people around the world.

Myth 1 : Acupuncture hurts – after all, we’re talking needles

Fact: Although we use needles, they are very slender and fine (about the size of a cat whisker). You may or may not feel an initial prick, sometimes described as a mosquito bite. Any discomfort will either fade on its own or ease up as your acupuncturist adjusts the needles. You should experience a Qi (pronounced “chee”) sensation, often described as heaviness, throbbing or an electrical sensation. That’s your body’s healing energy doing its work


Myth 2: Acupuncture is ancient folk medicine; no legitimate healthcare professional would recommend it

Fact: Acupuncture is a treatment option that many medical institutions recommend. Even the United States military uses acupuncture. Both the NIH and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture as a valid treatment for a wide range of conditions.


Myth 3: Acupuncture may conflict with medication, physical therapy and other ‘mainstream’ conventional medical treatments

Fact: There is no conflict between acupuncture and conventional medicine; they complement one another. Acupuncture works nicely as an adjunct to your conventional treatment plan.


Myth 4: Acupuncture is only useful in treating pain

Fact: It’s true that acupuncture helps relieve joint pain, including knee pain; back pain; headache; stomach pain and menstrual cramps. However, acupuncture is also used to treat nausea/vomiting, chemotherapy side effects, morning sickness, hypertension (high blood pressure), allergies, depression, infertility and other conditions.


Myth 5: Acupuncture has a lot of side effects and you’ll need time off work

Fact: Acupuncture has few to no side effects. After your acupuncture session, you can usually carry on with your day without any restrictions.


Myth 6: Acupuncture’s effects are psychological. It doesn’t really do anything

Fact: Acupuncture and its effects are far from psychological. Studies show that during acupuncture, our brains begin to release chemicals such as endorphins (natural painkillers) Acupuncture also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps people’s immune system.


Myth 7: Once you start acupuncture, you’ll always need acupuncture

Fact: For most conditions, acupuncturists strive to improve your main problem so you do not have to return for more treatment. For chronic conditions, some people stay on a maintenance schedule, however, such as returning once a month, because acupuncture continues to help.


Myth 8: If you do not see results in one or two treatments, then you’re unlikely to benefit from acupuncture

Fact: The response to acupuncture is always an individual one. Some people respond quickly – within one, two or three treatments. Others need a full course of eight to 10 treatments. Acupuncture’s effects are cumulative, building with each treatment, so the acupuncturist will assess its effects after you complete a full series of treatments. Acupuncturists use a variety of styles and techniques, so if you do not see results discuss with clinician and seek his guidance to combine it with nutrition therapy and possible life style changes. Very rarely people don’t respond to Acupuncture.


Myth 9: Acupuncture may transmit diseases from one patient to another

Fact: The Always Acupuncturists will only use disposable needles and other materials for treatment. So there is absolutely no chance of any disease transmission from one person to another.

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