Treatment For Frozen Shoulder By Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment for Frozen Shoulder in Chennai

Acupuncture Treatment for Frozen Shoulder :

The Frozen shoulder is the result of inflammation, scarring, thickening, and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the normal shoulder joint.

It is also referred to as ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS, PERI-ARTHRITIS. Any injury to the shoulder can lead to frozen shoulder, including TENDINITIS, BURSITIS, and ROTATOR CUFF INJURY. Long-term immobility of the shoulder joint can put people at risk to develop a frozen shoulder, causing severe frozen shoulder pain.

What causes frozen shoulder?
The cause of frozen shoulder is not fully understood and in some cases is unidentifiable. However, most people with frozen shoulder have suffered from immobility as a result of a recent injury or fracture. It is common in people with diabetes.

What are the signs of frozen shoulder
Signs of frozen shoulder develop gradually; usually in three stages in which signs and symptoms worsen gradually and resolve within a two – year period.

There are three stages of frozen shoulder:
• Painful stage – the shoulder becomes stiff and then very painful with movement. Movement becomes limited. Pain typically worsens at night.

• Frozen/adhesive stage – the shoulder becomes increasingly stiff, severely limiting range of motion. Pain may not diminish, but it does not usually worsen.

• Thawing stage – movement in the shoulder begins to improve. Pain may fade, but occasionally recur.

What are the symptoms of frozen shoulder

Shoulder joint pain; usually a dull, aching pain.
• Inability to raise arm.
• Pain when trying to sleep over the affected shoulder.
• Shoulder joint pain while sleeping.
• Limited movement of the shoulder.
• Difficulty while brushing the hair, putting on shirts etc.
Shoulder joint stiffness.

The common risk factors for frozen shoulder are:
Age – being over 40 years of age
Having suffered a stroke
Cardiovascular disease (heart disease)
Shoulder fracture
Shoulder dislocation
Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)
Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)


1. Shoulder rolling Strengthen the muscles and gives relief to shoulder joint pain.

2. Arm circling is one of the frozen shoulder exercises effective for the whole shoulder Regular practice relieves pain in the arm muscles and shoulder joints.

3. Lifting of arm holding with each other A quick relief to pain in the arm and shoulders.

4. Lifting of shoulder joint Practice of this exercise eliminates pain and stiffness in the shoulder joints.

Frozen Shoulder Can be Treatable by Acupuncture

Acu Points : LI4, LI15, TW9, TW14, SI9, GB21, GB20, UB43

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